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Confidence & Joy!

You're a small business owner, which means you're talented at many things! But it's impossible to do it all well while still caring for yourself, your family, and your business!

The hard truth is, we try to do it all, but it's just not sustainable. We all need a little help to lead well and reach our maximum potential.

It's time for your finances to empower your business instead of feeling like a burden and frustration!

Your time is valuable and your plate is full. That's why we're here!

We want to reduce your stress by simplifying your financial processes, invest in you as a business owner, and provide you with clean, accurate, and up-to-date financials to release you from the bookkeeping burden. 

let's be honest...

Let's do this together!

simplified bookkeeping

to empower your small business.

We cut through the clutter to make your business finances and tax season simple. Whether you want to expand, hire an employee, or increase your pay, we equip you to make confident financial decisions. We use Quickbooks Online to simplify your financial processes to get you back on track.


It's not one size fits all; you and your business are unique. We customize efficient and effective solutions to empower your business. Your business changes and your bookkeeping should be able to grow with you.


We mix the best of both worlds – efficient technology and invested relationships. Automation is good, but working with an actual person is even better! Bookkeeping is just as much about trustworthy relationships as it is about numbers.


3 Ways Our Approach is Different...

Ditch the spreadsheet and manual entry.  Quickbooks Online automatically pulls your transaction data from your banking and credit card accounts. No more missed expenses or revenue.

Organize your financial information with the click of a button. Track expenses and revenue by location or specific services and see where you are making money or losing it.

Access your books from anywhere, including their online app. Track your mileage, receipts, and so much more on the go from your phone.

Make tax season simple for you and your accountant. Don't lose sleep over compliance or accurate information.

how quickbooks online makes your life easier...

Is this right for me?

Not knowing where your money is going, missing payments, or being unsure if you are handling your finances correctly?

are you sick of...

overwhelmed, ill-equipped, frustrated, alone, or on edge when it comes to your finances? 

do you feel...

financial peace of mind, an expert teammate watching your back financially, and to feel empowered in your business?

do you want...

- arnethia

"She is truly an asset to my company, and a reliable business partner who gets things done!!" 

"...I was even more impressed by her initiative. Her insights took my project to the next level!"

- stephanie

our services

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Are you behind on your books? Are things just not adding up and you can't figure out where it went wrong? We can help clean-up and catch-up your books to feel like a fresh start!

clean & catch-up

get ready for a fresh start!


* Payment due at time of contract agreement

starting at $1,000


  • Custom plan and next steps for your business
  • Set-up of Quickbooks or migration from another platform
  • Establishing or cleaning up Chart of Accounts
  • Categorizing Income, Expenses, and Liabilities 
  • Recording Assets
  • Reconciliations & Financial Reports
  • Coordination with your Accountant or Tax Professional
  • 1:1 Personal Attention, you're not just another client

what's included

This service is for businesses that fell behind with their books and need their Quickbooks file reconciled and organized accurately. You might need our bookkeeping catch up service if you're trying to apply for a bank loan, file your businesses annual taxes, show accurate financials to investors, or to see an accurate picture of your company's financials. 

clean-up & catch-up


untangling the details when you are a quarter or more behind

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Looking to hire someone who can handle your books on a routine basis? We provide bookkeeping services that keep you compliant, informed, and effective in your business.

ongoing bookkeeping

outsource your bookkeeping to an expert


* Payment due at time of contract agreement

starting at $500/mo


  • Customized strategy plan for your business
  • Income, Expenses, & Liabilities Categorization
  • Recording Assets as needed
  • Account Reconciliations
  • Financial Reports 
  • Routine Check-In Meetings
  • Coordination with your Accountant or Tax Professional
  • 1099 Filing 
  • 1:1 Call & Email Support when you need it

what's included

This service is customized for your business needs. We learn how your business is run on a day to ay basis and find the pain points when it comes to your books and financials. When then evaluate, analyze, and come up with an efficient system to set up proper and accurate bookkeeping that will help you grow your business quickly.

ongoing bookkeeping


essential for supporting your long-term success

get access to an expert 

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We have the tools and experience to keep you informed and help you reach your goals while ensuring your business stays healthy.

quarterly consulting

* Payment due at time of contract agreement

starting at $200/mo


  • Approachable Expertise - support while you manage your own books
  • Actionable Advice - Guidance on high-level issues, technical challenges, and questions you didn’t know to ask
  • 45-minute 1:1 Consultation

what's included

Sometimes you need an expert teammate who can review what you have done, find any errors, help you find the solutions, and provide wisdom as you consider your next steps to growing your business. 



perfect for DIYers seeking a second set of eyes

Making room for change & hope. Assuming the best, we lead with extending favor. We speak and conduct our work in ways that include and celebrate others. We recognize that all of us make mistakes, and we all can learn and grow. We strive to be honest, humane, friendly, caring, and humble.



Sharing knowledge freely, lean into growth opportunities, and support each other to collectively reach out fullest potential and gain more confidence to take on new skills and responsibilities.



Striving to make the best out of any situation, looking to the future with an excited outlook, being grateful and focusing on what is good.



Making the best use of your time and resources while embracing the latest technology and systems to more accurately save time.



Operating with honesty. We strive to do transparent, compliant, important, and rewarding work that we can all be proud of.



Our Values

what makes us unique

Some aspects of bookkeeping are easy, but at times we can get stuck. No worries, you are not alone! We are happy to offer general support through our blog and tools or specific guidance with quarterly consulting.

diy support

We believe in efficient systems, so we are passionate about setting up bookkeeping software for our clients. Set up and migration is included as well as the subscription fee. If we part ways, we transfer ownership to you.

software setup

Going from a company of one to hiring employees and managing payroll can be a lot. We are here to guide you through the process using our preferred payroll provider, Gusto.

Payroll Processing

a la carte options


book consult

Let's do this! I'm looking forward to working with you and being an expert teammate you can count on with your finances.

are you ready to work together?

How We Work Together

for your financial peace of mind

step one

Let's discover what your business needs for financial peace of mind! When you schedule your free consult, you will receive a confirmation email with a detailed form about your business. Based on your feedback, our call will help us determine next steps and services needed.

Complimentary Consultation

step two

Once we have determined your services and finalized our agreement, we will work with you to securely access your financial data and related information. We will discuss our timeline and review necessary information that will need to be collected and provided to ensure success. 


step three

We work hard to keep you up to date and compliant as we access your accounts and gather the necessary information to help minimize your time investment. We will answer any questions and help make since of your numbers. All our clients are educated and equipped for financial success.  


— Tabitha

Gala is just as much about people as she is about numbers. As an invested and trusted partner, she is always looking for ways to help you be more effective and successful. Her variety of experiences and ability to see through the clutter helped us simplify finances to sustain our non-profit."

What customers are saying:

Hi, I’m Gala and I’m a bookkeeping pro that is going to empower you to be confident in making financial decisions for your business.

I'm a small business owner too, so I understand what it's like to be responsible for "ALL THE THINGS" and often doing so alone!

But who said you have to? We can do this together!

I will come alongside you to be an expert teammate who is watching your back when it comes to your company's finances. 

Let's do this together so you can focus on what matters most--growing your business and caring for your family!

as a small business owner, you are wearing all the hats – but you don't have to do it alone! 

simplified bookkeeping

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You need someone to maintain your books and help you stay compliant with as little effort as possible.

You want to become more efficient and simplified in your bookkeeping.

You don't have a bookkeeping method and need to set one up.

You wanting to transition from the "old school method" of bookkeeping.

Is this for me?

let's work together

wouldn't it be nice to finally...

reconcile down to the penny and not be surprised at tax time!

Timely & Accurate Reporting
Access to an Expert
Ongoing Solutions
More Time in Your Business

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We provide simplified and modern bookkeeping to empower small businesses. We currently serve clients located in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Jefferson, Longview, San Antonio, Austin, and East Texas. 
We are continuing to expand our services across Texas and nationwide.

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Bookkeeper & consultant, proud mama, Air Force Vet, and Jesus-follower. I love empowering small business owners to be confident in their financial decisions!

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